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Rolling papers were not just for Mary Jane. Before mass-produced cigarettes were available starting in the 1880s, rolling papers were sold as packs of cut sheets in small booklets, and were beautifully designed. Bamboo was just one of the iconic hippie rolling papers, but from the mid-19th century on there was a continual output from all over the world. These come from a volume titled Rolling Paper Graphics by Jose Lorente Cascsales, and although it was published 10 years ago, the papers are freshly vintage.

rolling 1
rolling 2
rolling 3
rolling 4
rolling 5
rolling 6
rolling 7
rolling 8
rolling 9
rolling 10
rolling 11
rolling 12

The 2017 PRINT RDA: Enter Now!

Enter the most respected competition in graphic design—now open to both pros and students—for a chance to have your work published, win a pass to HOW Design Live, and more. 2017 Judges: Aaron Draplin / Jessica Hische / Pum Lefebure / Ellen Lupton / Eddie Opara / Paula Scher. Student work judges: PRINT editorial & creative director Debbie Millman and PRINT editor-in-chief Zachary Petit.

Draplin image: Leah Nash. Hische: Helena Price. Lupton: Michelle Qureshi. Scher: Ian Roberts.