Sock It To Me!

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There is nothing (well, almost nothing) more pleasurable than a finepair of socks. I am a sucker for striped multi-colored socks (or shallI say socker). So whenever I find a pair I like I wear them until theywear out, and then wear them some more. I was recently presented with afew pair of socks by Office Weiderholt (OW), which describes itself as follows:

OW is a seamless Ameba-Unit which started spreading allover the world in 2007. Phototgrapher/Filmmaker Sven Wiederholt is Czarof this unit. His members are located all over the world, places suchas Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Finland, US and are ready for the nextproject. Its projects are currently ranging from film to products.However, OW itself does not know what will happen next. OW will keepchanging and transforming, just like an Ameba.

Although I have no idea what they are talking about. I am crazy fortheir hose. And as they say: “We love socks. Socks are simple cute petsfor everyday life to make our feet happy.” See for yourself.

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