Something Borrowed, Something Old

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If you are a vintage magazine fanatic like I am, you’ll want to know about the best dealer of such artifacts that I know. Selfish Me: Wait a minute! Heller, are you sure you want to share our riches with all these people? Other Me: Of course, why should we hoard the wealth? What’s more, we can’t own every old magazine ever published. Selfish Me: But just think about this a minute: Do you want perfect strangers knowing exactly where we find our treasures? Other Me: You’re so selfish! According to Marx, wealth should be evenly distributed, and as far as I’m concerned, those who appreciate vintage artifacts should have access to them. Selfish Me: Okay, it’s your decision. But don’t tell them where you get those great socks you wear. Some things are sacred.

Well, that settles it. If you’re a fanatic, go over to Periodyssey (the inventory page) to be overwhelmed by the massive numbers of individual copies and runs of some of the great magazines of the 19th and 20th centuries like Will Bradley’s Bradley: His Book (above), the art deco Asia (below), or the early Vanity Fair (bottom). And tell ’em “The Other Me” sent you.

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