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It is never too early to stir the creative and intellectual juices (or submit a paper with that in mind). Design educator Paul Nini recently announced The Stir Symposium (October 7-9, 2011). Hosted by the Department of Design at The Ohio State University

“Envisioned and organized by graduate students in the Department of Design at The Ohio State University, The Stir Symposium seeks to provide an opportunity to collaborate, think about, and discover new ways to approach global issues,” Nini writes. “Participants will bring their own areas of expertise to the table, from disciplines such as Business, Architecture, Engineering, Design, Agriculture, Geography, and more. Inspired by Design thinking and process, the outcome of the weekend will be an exploration of methodologies around ways of working together. Participants will collaborate in hands-on workshops to address topics such as education (Learning), conservation and sustainability (Conserving), food production and agriculture (Eating), transportation (Moving), and community or city planning (Living).”

Faculty and Professionals (Attendee) $250 /Graduate and Undergraduate Students (Student Attendee) $75

Address inquiries to: Beth Benzenberg, symposium chairperson,

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