Stomach Problems?

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it was the package more than the Psyllium husk that attracted me to Sat-Isabgol, an Indian stomach remedy, not unlike the American vegetable laxative Sennacot. The Sidhpur Factory image with the vintage telephone in a cameo drew me to the product on the shelves in Curry Hill (the Murray Hill section of Manhattan). Only then did I learn:

Sat Isabgol contains the husk of seeds of the plantago ovata, popularly known as isabgol. This time-tested herb has been described in ancient Ayurvedic literature as an emollient, gentle laxative, cooling and diuretic, hence, it is a popular household remedy for constipation. Sat Isabgol is superior to other isabgol preparations because the isabgol husk used in its manufacture is triple refined using Swiss technology. This process enhances the swelling property of isabgol and at the same time retains its natural therapeutic properties. Hence, Sat Isabgol is the perfect natural laxative. It is finely powdered and pleasant-tasting. Which makes it convenient to administer and at the same time renders it quite palatable. The entire manufacturing and packaging process is carried out in clean and hygienic conditions. Stringent quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a quality product. Being a purely Ayurvedic medicine it is perfectly safe and free from harmful side effects. Nor is it habit forming, unlike chemical laxatives.

Then I found it is available on Amazon. Now, I can’t vouch for the product but my stomach is all a-flutter from the terrific box.

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