Button Design: Low Tech, High Intensity

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There is never a dearth of campaign buttons because buttons are the most intimate display of loyalty, preference and affiliation. Jennifer Kinon, who has been a lead designer for the Hillary Clinton campaign for over a year, recently asked 45 designers/studios to create one or a series of buttons (“The 45 Pin Project: Hillary for America“) to help officially launch the 45th Presidential nominee’s campaign in time for her historic acceptance at the Democratic National Convention.

Among the participants are Bonnie Seigler and Kristen Ren, Gail Anderson, Andy Taray (Ohioboy), Antionette Carol, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Nicholas Blechman, Courtney Garvin, Debbie Millman, Stephen Doyle, Drew Hodges, Helen Rice, Julia and Chris Thomas, Marianna Fierro and Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza, Jessi Arrington, Jeremy MIckel, Jesse Ragan, Joslynn Hupe, Louise Fili, Michael Bierut, Bobby C. Martin Jr., Scott Stowell and Martha Kang McGill and Jason Jude Chan, Robynne Raye/Modern Dog, Randy Hunt, Rob Duncan, Roger Black, Sam Eckersley, Scott Hill, Silas Munro, Brian Singer, Andrew Sloat, Joe Marianek, Jennifer Sterling, Tobias Frere-Jones, Elizabeth Carey Smith, Jenna Blazevich, Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady, Willy Wong, Wendy Clark, Gabriele Wilson, Arem Duplessis, David Shatan-Pardo, Paula Scher, Noreen Morioka and Nicole Jacek, and Jena Silver.

Here are a few of the button designs:


Joe Mariranek


Louise Fili


Gabriele Wilson


Bonnie Siegler and Kristen Ren


Bobby C. Martin Jr.


Gail Anderson


Stephen Doyle


Arem Duplessis

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