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With music packaging going the way of the Victorla, it is never tolate to document how graphic designers contributed to the look ofmusic. And how music has long in influenced graphic design. The currentspecial issue of EYE magazine (#76) is almost entirely devoted to music – and its an important document to have and hold.

Editor John L. Walters, who is also a music critic for The Guardian, uses this issue to revel in the legacy, present and future of music design. He writes:

Over the years we have published many articles aboutdesign for music, but this is Eye’s first-ever special issue on thisdynamic and continually inspiring sector. Designers are in a privilegedposition to add visual drama to music; to make it more understandableand enjoyable; to communicate the intangible essence of vibrating airmolecules into the worlds of words, images and moving graphics. Designcan make music look good, but when they really work together you havemagic.

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