Sunnyside Up

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The Earth’s orbit has been changed, drawing ever closer to the sun and promising imminent destruction. That’s the premise of one of the most eerie 1961 Twilight Zone episodes ever, “The Midnight Sun.” An artist who paints bucolic scenes, intensely played by Lois Nettleton, is one of two women going mad waiting for the heat to bake everyone left in New York.

Sweltering in this current heat wave (without air conditioning) I was reminded that this disturbing vision of things as they might be, is getting closer, thanks to the “myth” of global warming, to things as they will be.

Regardless of your belief or denial in global warming, “The Midnight Sun” is a stunning episode with a caustic twist. So if you’ve never seen it or never watch the SyFi Channel TZ marathons, here is where you can see it now, and here and here.