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The Word Project by Polly M. Law, “Bricoleur,” is a book of elusive words “that roam theworld and are introduced with whimsical detail and colorful fanfair.” There are only twocriteria for inclusion in The Word Project, says Law: “The word must be new to me(otherwise it’s just showing off) and it must set my creativitypinging.” Once the word is selected, she explores, expands,explodes, puns and vamps on the words in her bricolage style. Each wordgets its own figure, and its own frame, but sometimes groups naturallyform and duets and trios do occur.

It’s a splendid book, but alas, nary a publisher has signed on. So Law is publishing it herself and seeking funds through a pitch at “As soon as the goal has been met and the pledge timeis finished, The Word Project poster will be shipped to everyone whohas pledged at the First Level or above,” she continues. For more about the word project and to see a delightful video, visit Kickstarter (which, incidentally, is a great platform for garnering cash for entrepreneurial projects).

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