Sustainable Posters Plug Sustainability

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Glob-All Mix: 30 Posters for a Sustainable World, curated by the Brazilian designer Felipe Taborda, is a poster project designed to complement Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, that includes as delegates many presidents, ministers, and monarchs. The Glob-All Mix posters (plus the catalog and postcards) are part of the official gift of the Brazilian government to all people attending Rio+20.

Taborda is currently trying to open the exhibition in New York to coincide with a local “sustainable forum.” The plans are not entirely formulated, but the posters are complete. Here is a sampling of ten of the thirty:

Diego Bermúdez / Colombia

André Stolarski / Brazil

Sandra Monterroso / Guatemala

Takashi Akiyama / Japan

Gitte Kath / Denmark

Fabio Arruda / Brazil

Alejandro Magallanes / Mexico

Michal Batory / Poland

Fidel Sclavo / Uruguay

Pekka Loiri / Finland