Sutnar’s City

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A new book, Ladislav Sutnar v Textech (Mental Vitamins), includes original texts about life and work of Czech-American designer Ladislav Sutnar (1897–1976), a pioneer of information design and information architecture, and his “Build a Town” plans.

Sutnar’s ‘Build the Town’ was a model kit for children, representing a twentieth century metropolis in simple wooden forms. It also expressed Sutnar’s beliefs that “in new generations there is a seed of hope planted for a better future.”

According to the folks at RP, a digital type-foundry established in 2009 by Radim Peško, who are promoting the “town,” Sutnar conceived and designed ‘Build the Town’ between 1941 and 1943, and pursued it with a financial investment. However, due to war-time and other circumstances it was never put into mass-production. “Build the Town” is among the most notable of objects for children created by significant designers and architects of the twentieth century.