Sweet Smell of Success

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The “I Love New York” brand, reports the New York Daily News, has become “a cash cow” for the state. “State officials say that marketing products with New York’s iconic tourism logo is reaping millions of dollars in licensing fees.” The logo can now be found on high-end T-shirts, perfume and even bottles of New York spring water. The state, which began licensing the logo, designed by Milton Glaser, in 1994 and it has earned $1.83 million in fees during fiscal 2011 – the income is used to promote statewide tourism. Adding to the brand line this month is “I Love New York” perfume developed by the city-based perfume house Bond No. 9.

It is ironic that Glaser’s most successful – or at least best known piece of graphic design (the Dylan poster comes in a distant second) – has become so vernacular that never is Glaser’s name attached to the mark – except in graphic design circles.

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