Take the Axe to Tax

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As they say, the only thing that’s sure in life is death and taxes. There is no use complaining about the former, but the latter is a continual irritant. (Unless, you want public services and other civic necessities.) Citizens have been avoiding taxation, even with representation, as long as there have been taxes. Of course, those who save enough in taxes to hire clever accountants can rid themselves of most tax burdens, but that just means a heavier weight for the rest of us.

The rich have stayed rich in large part because they don’t carry their rightful baggage. This was true back in the day as much as today. Here are pages from a 1938 issue of the satiric magazine, Ballyhoo (The Daily Show of its era), published by Dell, which devoted much of its heavily taxed ink and paper to attacking FDR’s New Deal for attempting to tax everyone, including the rich. Things never change.

tax collector
Fixem, Foxem, Fumble, & Fuddle
Taxpayer's Hall of Fame
Tax Bureau

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