Takin’ Care of Business: Part I

Posted inThe Daily Heller

On occasion, and as the inspiration strikes, the folks at The Daily Heller Business Annex are happy to offer helpful hints for forging better relations with new clients. Here is the first:

To capture interest and insure that you’ll be talked about, tell all prospective clients (the ones that call you, of course) “I’m not taking on new business.” It works for doctors and auto mechanics. Telling someone you don’t want them, makes you more wanted.

Sabbaticals are very popular these days. It makes you sound so much less desperate for work.

So, say goodbye to those bidding wars, where the prospective client has called ten other designers. Let them see you don’t care.

And if you really want to have that prospective client eating out of your hand, recommend someone “who may do just as well.”

They’ll come back on their knees.