The Best Potty Ever

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By: Steven Heller

I was visiting the Japanese Airlines lounge at JFK (greeted salubriously by two friendly, pink-clad JAL receptionists), where I slipped into the bathroom. To my surprise, there was one of those storied Japanese do-it-all toilets. Not the so-called “squat” version, but the automated one. Special features include warm seat, bidet, “shower,” and automatic drying mechanism, complete with easy-to-use instructions and buttons to regulate temperature and water pressure. Oh yes, and a automatically closing cover. Believe me, I don’t want to spend too much time on this can, but it really is one of the modern marvels, worth a tip of the hat. My fave was the ToTo brand, but INAX has excellent functions for those bodily functions. If you don’t believe me watch this–and sit all the way through.