The Business End of Business Cards

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I collected these cards between 1964 and 1967. I kept them as part of a time capsule that I recently opened. The cards say a lot about the times and who I spent time with.

Crazy horse cafe

Frank Dalia owned the famed Crazy Horse Cafe on Bleeker Street, a quintessential Greenwich Village hang out. Now demolished.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was James Bond times two and spawned various high school imitators. World Policy Executive was founded by the sons of Murray the K (the Fifth Beatle) and Pernell Roberts (one of the Bonanza brothers).

There have been Shrunken Heads rock bands, but this Shrunken Heads was the first, or maybe the second or third. I wanted to join but had no musical aptitude. Well, neither did they.

Before one of The Velvet Underground sets at Café Bizarre, Lou Reed wrote the song “Run, Run, Run” on the back of an envelope. While playing at Café Bizarre, The Velvet Underground (known as “The Velvets”) met Andy Warhol.

Wombot was a terrible Aussie movie, but in 1966 it was also the beginning of a NYC basement band that never quite made it. I wanted to be a Wombot, but couldn’t master the language.

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