The Color of Catsup

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It is not unusual for competing magazines to have the same cover stories. There are obviously a finite number of good ideas to go around. And circulation, after all, is like fighting a war. Nonetheless, the battles are fought on the strangest turf. Take the annual duel between New York Magazine and Time Out New York: This and last week each published covers selling their popular “Cheap Eats” and “Eat Cheap” features. Interesting how the language of “cheap” is for them either a beautiful model with luscious lips or a typographic reference to mustard and ketchup (or is it catsup?). Oh, and plastic cutlery is pretty cheap too.

(Covers, from top, TONY: 2009, NY Mag: 2010, TONY: 2010, and inside illustration (NY Mag): 2008, LAMag: 2009)