The Daily Heller: A Petri Dish for Design Styles

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There are certain graphic tropes that begin as stylistic manifestations representative of the progressive arts of their respective times. Then, they are adopted and become part of the quotidian design. This is what Australian designer and illustrator Hari Roberts did to become the queen of Aussie Art Deco. Roberts was unknown in the States, but her print and textile designs were valuable Down Under.

The Home, an Australian mix of House and Garden and Vanity Fair, was a petri dish for the viral styles of the period. The examples below reveal Roberts’ inspirations and derivations from Futurism, Vorticism and Constructivism.

Hari Roberts, 1927 Borrowing the dynamic geometry, bright colors and overay oll engerg
E. McKnight Kauffer, 1926.
Fortunanto Depero, 1950.
Stenberg Brothers, 1927.
Tadanori Yoko
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