The Daily Heller: Hell by Any Other Name is Just as Unpleasant

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“Doomed to eternal damnation are those who accede to an irrepressible calling to comprehend the incomprehensible, thus defying the dictum that cautions one to allow the sleeping dogs of hell to sleep undisturbed,” I wrote in the foreword to HELL: The People, The Places by Seymour Chwast and me (Corrani Edizione).

“Like Virgil did so well, we too guide you through the realms of hell and purgatory; we rashly yet willingly decided to take the perilous journey through a portal most dangerous, through the gates of hell. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Inferno and dozens of other guides and manuals, secular and religious, cult and occult, we seek to find, if possible, how many of these damnable hot spots exist or have existed in the extra-dimensional and intra-spiritual worlds that hold sway over body and mind. We have accepted this mission with full acknowledgment of the possible consequences—of becoming forever enslaved by Garm and Lucifer (or whatever one chooses to call the guardians of these underworlds).”

In this book you will find 126 different hot zones, a veritable smorgasbord of horrors … and pleasures, representing the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia, and the Pacific. Sample some pictorial teasers below:

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