The Daily Heller: It’s Getting Better All the Time, Wayzgoose

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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum has just announced its 2020 first remote Awayzgoose, a virtual typography fete and conference out of Two Rivers, WI, the town where the hot fudge sundae was invented.

For this year's event, Hamilton is partnering with the American Printing History Association.

"In this time of social distance, we plan to give a big online embrace to our fellow lovers of type and letterpress," say Bill and Jim Moran, preservers of the fonts. Registration will open today for the online extravaganza to be held Nov. 5–8. (Click here for speakers and schedule.)

A wayzgoose was originally an entertainment given by a master printer to his crew to mark the beginning of the season of working by candlelight. In later years, it evolved into an annual celebration held in summer by the employees of a printing establishment, consisting of a dinner and often an excursion into the country.

If you have never been to Wayzgoose at Hamilton, this is a great chance to freak on type and the history thereof. Now in its 12th year, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum hosts designers, printers, typographers and letter geeks of all stripes from across the globe. It is a weekend filled with workshops, type talk and great speakers.

Find out how to join the online Awayzgoose and pre-conference workshops here. And don't forget to tell Bill and Jim how much you love the new event title. (Brilliant, lads!)

"This has been a challenging year for us all," the Morans say. "Whether you're a regular Wayzgoose attendee or a first-timer, this event brings our friends together to support our mission of sharing the world's largest collection of wood type and printing equipment."