The Daily Heller: Keep Your Masks on! Be a Masketeer! Half a Face is Better Than None!

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How many times during the past pandemic have you thought: I wonder what the bottom half of the face of the person six feet away from me would look like if he/she/they/it were not wearing a mask? That's curiosity. And while curiosity is fabled to have killed the cat (an idiom/proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation, sometimes resulting in danger or misfortune), uncovering the unknown can be stimulating. Solving mysteries is so satisfying that life would be a bore without it. So here's a thought: Let's keep wearing masks after the pandemic protocols have lifted. This way, on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis, we can retain the sense of I wonder of which I speak.

I'm aware that wearing masks during the pandemic has been an annoyance, but necessary. Yet it would be a shame to return entirely to the unmasked life. Wearing masks aids our daily well-being, resulting in fewer colds, flu cases and bugs flying into our mouths. Maskers have another advantage: They help retain our collective mysteriousness.

Masks have fulfilled many roles in life (see here), so I suggest we take advantage of mask-wearing by wearing more (and more inventive) masks. Let's face it: Wondering what that person looks like without the mask is a fun diversion in an otherwise conformist existence. Just remember how surprising it has been once a face is revealed. (And don't take this wonderful headline as the permission to take risks.)

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