The Daily Heller: Roll Out the Super PAC Season

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The problem with the election season is it takes a lot of persuasion to capture the hearts and minds of the electorate, no matter the party. There was a time when a candidate's good arguments and proven track record were the coin of the realm. That did not mean that truth was always true or tricks were invariably clean. Politics from the ground up is replete with deceptions large and small, corruption minor and monumental.

So why is 2020's presidential campaign any different? These truths seem to be self-evident: The incumbent is using his bully pulpit to be the nation's big-little bully (or what Gail Collins in the The New York Times said better than me: "Trump had painted the debate as a virtual death sentence for Biden, who he strongly suggested was too old, at 77, to survive so much pressure. But Biden held up pretty well. Meanwhile Trump did a terrific imitation of a 74-year-old toddler up past his bedtime.")

With less than a month to election day, it is time to get behind virtually any group that is fighting for our democracy (and our lives). WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE 2020 is a new super PAC started by members of the theater and arts community that is attempting, through a series of 30-second commercials, to raise funds to pay for ads that will help the battle. And what we have to lose could very well be everything we hold dear about the United States and its impact on the rest of the world.

The mission is simple: Elect Joe Biden and defeat Trumpism.

We must leave no doubt that America rejects Trumpism and is determined to restore the integrity of our democracy, the rule of law and the basic principles and values that have defined our nation for 244 years.

Donald Trump is the most unqualified, unprepared, incompetent, corrupt and dangerous president in the history of our country. Trump must be defeated with a decisive margin of victory that will prevent him from contesting the results and make it clear, America will not tolerate his kind again.