The Daily Heller: Satiric Anti-Fascism is No Joke

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There is nothing funny about fascism. Not its leaders. Not its lockstep discipline. Not its willful prejudice. Not its base. Not its enablers. Nada. Nothing! So why are there so many anti-fascist comedians at large who can joke, make us laugh and, in the process, deflate, expose and demolish the shameless authoritarian ideology and the tens of millions of people who travel within it? It is because liberal and illiberal alike are embarrassed and sorrowful for the those who step knowingly or not into fascism's shit.

If you are reading this blog the day after America's most distressing election cycle, where tipping the scale from right to left or left to right is not simply an abstract concept, you will find no relief from gloom. But you will find in this satiric "handbook" for becoming a fascist a necessary warning.

Michela Murgia explores the logic that is attracting increasing numbers of voters to right-wing populism. Far from its origins in the 20th century, fascism is once again on the rise in an age of increased connectivity and globalism. Murgia shows how many of the elements of our society that we might think would combat closed-mindedness and xenophobia actually fan the flames.

You'll also find the covers that were designed by Mirko Ilic for design director Paul Buckley at Penguin to be the perfect dose of levity and gravity that underscores this cautionary guide to how, when and where fascism preys upon disaffected and restless populations who are fooled into forsaking their liberties.

Can you guess which one of these covers was used?