The Daily Heller: So Many Clocks, So Little Time

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With so many clock designs available on the luxury, novelty and mass markets, what determines what to buy and display? For the avid clock watcher, something clear and literal (perhaps techie digital with an LED screen)? I prefer clocks with Roman numerals and hands. Craig Frazier speculates that a comic approach, using the minutes and hour hands as part of a visual pun, might have popular appeal. And lessen the burden of time. I agree, and his first two prototypes, “Face Time” and “Mr. Time,” reveal how he is currently passing time. He tells us more below.

Are these clocks your concept, or an idea for another design entrepreneur who sells them?
They are entirely my concept and are prototypes at this stage. I wanted to see what they felt like and if they are worth pursuing as a product. 

My taste in clocks is rather pedestrian, although I’m a big fan of the classic Kit-Cat Klock. How do you think yours will do in the market?
I don’t know, but would like to find out.

Is this project an extension of your illustration, or in addition to it?  
Everything feels connected to what I do. In this case, it’s a perfect blend of design and illustration. You can’t just stick illustrations on stuff, they have to make some sense.

What do you feel makes them so appealing?
They feel pretty charming, and to some, degree—alive. Maybe fun is the word.

What other projects are eating up your time? 
I’m working on a monograph of my illustration career. I’ve got a few other small books in the works. I have a few more clock ideas, should I decide to propose a line of them.

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