The Daily Heller: Summer Reading, Part I

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What “B word” says summer more than “beach,” “baseball,” “butterflies” or “birds and bees”? And no, it is not “barbecue”! Or even, where I spend the summer, “black bear” is becoming more frequent …

No! The answer, as Maira Kalman wrote yesterday in a surprise missive to friends:

“On this first morning of summer, I am very happy to present a new limited-edition booklet on a subject dear to my heart …”


“What is better than bed? There is no place I love more. The precise, ecstatic moment of getting into bed. The covers. The pillows. The womb. The cocoon. Beautiful blissful bed. Sweet soft beckoning bed. Bed. Bed. Bed. I really have to go to bed. Don’t you long for bed?”

The signed and numbered books feature paintings and text by Kalman, along with a folded poster.

A portion of all proceeds will support the National Network of Abortion Funds distributing support to local organizations working to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of women across the land.