The Daily Heller: The Disasters of War, Every Day

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Every day after I awaken, I go to the front page of The New York Times to see news of the most recent horrors befalling the citizens of Ukraine. Never having lived in a war-ravaged nation, I cannot imagine the pain of the past four weeks. Although, with digital media it is not necessary to imagine—it is recorded in real time for all to see.

Kyiv, Ukraine-born-and-raised Mykola Kovalenko has, since the very beginning of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, made a poster every day. They appear on his Instagram. Kovalenko has lived for the past seven years Bratislava, Slovakia, and like so many artists and designers from that part of the world, he understands the struggles endemic to being invaded and occupied by a neighboring power.

“It’s catastrophe for all my family off course,” he told me in an email. “[My] wife, children are here [Bratislava], but part of my family and close people are still in Ukraine. And I’m worried very much.”

The Daily Heller will continue to publish as many such missives of support as it can until Putin’s death grip is released.

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