The Daily Heller: The Sound of Silent Visuals

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And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence.

You might think that sounds are unseen, and only the instruments that make them are visible. But Ed Hutchins of Editions Artistsbooks and Joe Freedman of Sarabande Press, both avid experimental power paper-pushers, have made a pop-up object d'art called Cacophony that collides the two senses into one experience. Pow! Bang! Boooom!

200 copies have been printed and so far over 100 copies have been assembled. Hutchinson designed the structure and did the artwork, and Freedman created a vector diagram for laser-cutting the parts.

After the books were printed in Portland, Hutchinson scored, folded, assembled and signed each copy at his studio in Salem, New York.

Five interwoven pages fold flat, yet spring open to a visual uproar of sounds … sounds from nature, wild beasts, machines, weather, music, excitement, frustration, and life itself. Racing across intersecting surfaces and erupting from interior chambers—whether seen from top, bottom, front, back, sides or through viewing ports—a wide-ranging cacophony of sound expressions emerges in visual form. The kaleidoscopic presentation begs to be picked up, unfolded, turned, twisted, tumbled and contorted in every way to explore its many nooks, crannies and hidden crevices.

Each perspective presents additional words, resulting in a cacophony of imaginative sounds. The non-adhesive flat structure bursts into a colorful explosive wonderland where it is possible to see the unseen.

Need to drown out the sound of late evening or early morning garbage trucks?! Pop open Cacophony today.