The Daily Heller: This Poster Has All Moving Parts

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Kevin O'Callaghan is a mad inventor. The truth is, there is nothing that O'Callaghan would not try that comes into his Indefatigable mind . . . and few things, if any, that he cannot accomplish when he uses that mind. He is a force of nature and his contraptions are natural wonders. (Just look at some of his work here.)

SVA Subway Series poster video, directed by Nicolas Heller

Like a reverse cyclone or tornado, from the carnage O'Callahan creates beauty. But his work is not beautiful in the conventional sense of design that merely looks good. Looking good is inherent. His challenge is to say something profound and make something that is mind-blowing. O'Callaghan does not make monumental things for their own sake. His work is not art for art's sake. He conceives big ideas made from big objects into monumental messages. He is an alchemist; a transformative designer. He can make the impossible possible, not just for his own pleasure but for his students’ lives and his audiences’ wonder, making them think beyond the obvious. His poster design for the School of Visual Arts / NYC Subway series shows what art is by revealing what the artist-inventor does.