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Happy May Day. May 1 is a celebration dating back millennia; it is a midpoint between spring and summer. Throughout the centuries, there have been many different reasons for making this day special. In the 19th century, May Day took on an important new meaning as an International Workers’ Day. It evolved out of the labor movement for worker’s rights and an eight-hour workday in the United States.

It is therefore appropriate to acknowledge this day with a project produced by Thought Matter, a New York–based design, research and strategy firm, working realms of culture, health and finance. It’s called “For The People,” and is a series of videos featuring art workers, makers and creators sharing their thoughts on the U.S. Constitution. These brief installments are directed by street documentarian New York Nico (Nicolas Heller), and include:

  • Episode 1: Edel Rodriguez, illustrator and graphic commentator

  • Episode 2: Mark Cross, tattoo artist, curator and photographer

  • Episode 3: Mimi Weissenborn, activist chef

  • Episode 4: New York Nico, himself, discussing the meaning and importance of this seminal document, particularly at this time of social isolation and abridged freedom during a national election year.

Be sure to watch new monthly episodes (and be sure to scroll down on this page for the individual episodes). Art workers, Art watchers, Art thinkers of the world unite!

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