The Daily Heller: Voting Comics Introduce Real Superheroes

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"Voteman is the first Black superhero to have his own comic book title," says Craig Yoe of the character featured in his upcoming book Voting is Your Super Power. "Through much hard work I was able to track down these uber-rare Cold War and Civil Rights–era 'giveaway' comics about Russians trying to interfere with our lives, graft and corrupt politicians, voter suppression and trying to keep the Black vote down."

I usually do not favor crowdsourcing projects until the crowds are sourced, but a heart, thumbs and toes up! (What could be bad about a book where Julie Newmar, my favorite robot and Cat Woman, wrote the intro, and Eisner-nominee Sanford Greene drew the new superhero, General Election, for the cover?)

As for Newmar, "Here she raises her voice to get out the vote to remove someone who plays a president, but is in reality a super villain," Yoe says.

The comics have a message, and it's a vitally important one. Voting is an American's primary job this year, and if we want to stop where this nation is sliding, we have to get out and vote. And get the VOTE out. See more.

Sanford Greene, cover artist.