The Daily Heller: What Would Massimo Say?

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Massimo Vignelli (1931–2014) would have turned 90 on January 10. And there’s no better way to posthumously celebrate Massimo and Lella Vignelli’s well-lived lives than to assemble 250 posters from designers in 46 countries for an online exhibition, Vignelli90, which echoes the maestro’s signature preference—a tsunami of Helvetica type and black and red ink.

The show is organized by Amijai Benderski, Juan Martín Lusiardo and Santiago Ternade, in concert with The Vignelli Center for Design Studies. It’s impressive to be so revered by the design world. Here, the posthumous poster is graphic design’s 250-gun salute.

What would Massimo say? “Move one point to the left.”

Below are some excerpts from Vignelli90.

Shweta Malhotra, India.
Derek Stewart, Italy.
Stefanie Weigler & Triboro, USA.
Diego Feijóo, Spain.
Vince Frost, Australia.
Joaquín Riso, Paraguay.
Wayne Ford, UK.
Jureko Koletic, Croatia.
Mother Design, UK.