The Eklips of Ungerer

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Tomi Ungerer, one of the most important illustrators of our time,has produced more than 40,000 drawings, poster drafts,collages, lithographs, woodcuts, and objects during his lifetime. He has also illustrated 140 books forchildren and adults, ranging from fairy tales to social satires anddealing with diverse topics such as childhood memories,eroticism, and death. He now has a website.And if you want to see what this master of acerbic art is doing now, gothere right now. (And don’t be surprised by what you see.)

If you want more – and I’m sure you will – he has a major exhibitionhanging at the moment and a 352 page catalog to accompany it. TheKunsthalle Würth is covering his oeuvre from 1960 – 2010: about 600works. Among them are subtle caricatures from all of the artist’screative periods, and I for one am loving illustrations such as the ones drawn for the“Big song book” containing folk and children’s songs from the timebetween the 14th and the 20th century, social “Symptomatics” and theartist’s legendary Erotoscope.

“In all these works,” notes the museum’s website,“we meet legendary characters again. Numerous drawings andillustrations, which have not been published before, as well as newsatirical-surreal collages, objects and assemblages of Dadaistabsurdity form the heart of the exhibition.”

The exhaustive yet accessible catalog, EKLIPS, includes contributions by Werner Spies, Andreas Platthaus, TherèseWiller and Sylvia Weber, and is published by Swiridoff Publishers.

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Brick's suitcases

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