The Gift That Keeps Wood Type From Splintering

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Since 1999 Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum has succeeded by being a member-supported organization. “Whether you live in Wisconsin or Wyoming,” director Bill Moran exclaims, “Hamilton (Wood Type Museum) relies on friends who believe in the museum’s mission and support its goals of protecting and documenting a world-class typographic collection. With our Initial Public Offering we’re giving folks the chance to help the museum embark on its next chapter as we get settled in to our new building.”


These certificates make a great holiday gift for the type nerd in your life. They’re designed with genuine Hamilton Type and artwork from the Globe Printing plate collection. “We’ve also included 3 handsome ampersands if you want to purchase multiple shares and create a trio of type for your wall,” Moran says. “We’re trying to get 1,000 new members and we’ve enlisted over 200 people so far. Give the gift of type and help Hamilton.” More membership information here.

The folks at Charles S. Anderson designed them using images and type from the Hamilton Collection, French Paper donated the stock and Hamilton’s friends at Studio on Fire printed them.


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