The Interior Warhol

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Everybody knows that Andy Warhol was a commercial illustrator. And a good one, too, as these covers from 1953-54 for Interiors magazine reveal. According to the Warhol Museum his early illos were produced this way:

Warhol used a “blotted line” technique to develop a signature style for his illustrations. Blotted line combines drawing with very basic printmaking, and it enabled Warhol to create a variety of illustrations along a similar theme. The process had many complex components. First, Warhol copied a line drawing onto a piece of non-absorbent paper, such as tracing paper. Next he hinged this piece of paper to a second sheet of more absorbent paper by taping their edges together on one side. With a nib pen, he inked over a small section of the drawn lines.

These suggest his interpretation of Morandi and an abstract representational side, too.


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