The Mask and Mascara

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Nicolas Heller (Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys), my son, recently directed a music video that reminds me of the famous Public Enemy song Burn Hollywood Burn for its social intensity and cultural integrity.

Mascara by Reks was recently posted on SYFFAL as the best video of the day, and here’s what they had to say:

When we ran the video for Ceschi’s latest video where he was a vegetarian pimp, we were introduced to Nicolas Heller as the videographer. Since then, Joel and Nicolas, or Ricky Shabazz, have become fast friends, bonding over rigatoni, Tony Danza and finger puppets made of space-age polymers.

Ricky Shabazz and his Boys of Boom Bap just dropped another video, and this time it’s one of SYFFAL’s favorite rappers we’ve never heard of, Reks.

Peep the video for Mascara from Reks. Powerful song, powerful visuals, tastes like awesome.

You should follow Ricky on Twitter:!/Rickyshabazz

But fer seriousnesses, go peep his other videos:

Hopefully this jagbag becomes a steady contributor so we can leach off of his talent.

And check out his latest directorial, “Hard Luck” by Juan Deuce. I am one proud father.