The Message is Xin

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The theme for this Fall’s ICOGRADA World Design Congress in Beijing is「Xin-信」. It literally means “message” or“letter”;「Xin-信」represents a primitive means of communication. Today,however, it encompasses many more dimensions than ever before, asillustrated by words such as Xin-xi (information); Xin-nian (vision);Xin-ren (trust); Xin-yong (creditability) and Xin-xin (faith).

Say the organizers: “In1972, the UN General Assembly introduced World Development InformationDay to draw public attention to development problems and the need tostrengthen international cooperation in order to solve them (Resolution3038). The Assembly eventually decided that this should coincide withUnited Nations Day on October 24, also the date for the adoption of the1970 International Development Strategy. October 24 is also the firstday of XIN Beijing. Like designers, the General Assembly believed thatimproving the dissemination of information through communication designand mobilizing public opinion, particularly amongst the youngergeneration, would lead to greater awareness and cooperation in solvingthe problems of international development.”

The roster of 96 international speakers is impressive as are the venues, like the 2,398-seat National Center for the Performing Arts (above) and The Central Academy of Fine Arts (below). Adobe will also be awarding the recipients of its 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Awards at the Congress.

The Central Academy of Fine Arts