The Most Amazing Dessert Ever

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ice cream

The Italians make some amazing frozen desserts. But have you ever tried cremolata di frutta? There is only one place in Roma, where the real deal is dealt to the ecstatic consumers sitting under a tent on a curbside. It is called Cafè du parc (oui, en français), between via Marmorata and via della Piramide Cestia, close to Porta San Paolo. If anyone reading this knows of any place in the U.S., especially NYC, where cremolata is made, please write in (although I’m sure it could never be as good as what I had).

Cremolata is a fruit pudding and somewhat like sherbet; it is made with fresh fruit, either with water or milk. Either way is incredible, though I prefer water. Each seasonal fruit is ambrosia, especially the melon and fig (above). Don’t, however, mistake it for granita, which is shaved ice, between a beverage and pudding (and known in the U.S. with a less appetizing name, slush puppy, or slush). Even the best sorbet doesn’t hold a cono to cremolata. Thanks to Mauro Zennaro, for introducing me to this new addiction. And to Louise Fili for documenting the above artifacts of joy.

For another lovely, though somewhat less amazing ice dessert, go here.

(Weekend Extra: It isn’t dessert, but it is type, and what could be tastier?)