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Last Friday the Creative Action Network launched a new grassroots collection of posters highlighting 100 “things” that truly make America great (not just “great again”). According to organizer Aaron Perry-Zucker, “for the first 100 days of the new administration, we’ve invited 100 artists to make 100 posters illustrating the unique things that make America great. We’ll be releasing one a day for the first 100 days, and proceeds from poster sales will go to the artists and to Van Jones’ organization, DreamCorps.

The first poster is dedicated to Civil Disobedience. Stay tuned to this page for more, and upload or download your own here.


Civil-Disobedience by Michael Czerniawski


Immigration by Chris-Lozos


Jazz Makes America Great by Aaron Perry-Zucker


Justice by Brixton Doyle


Plurality by Juana Medina


Religious Freedom by Mark Forton


Resilience by Emily Kelley


Standing Up to Bullies Makes America Great by Luis Prado

UPDATED 12/12/17:

Sacred, Protected Nature Makes America Great by Vanessa Koch

Sacred, Protected Nature Makes America Great by Vanessa Koch

Freedom of the Press Makes America Great by Isaiah King

Freedom of the Press Makes America Great by Isaiah King


Diversity Makes America Great by Corbet Curfman


Education Makes America Great by David Hays

“Art is the soul of the movement. Art and artists help us connect our heads with our hearts in order to see with new perspective our struggles, possibilities and strength. We are proud to participate in this campaign and to share this art with the thousands of people who make up America’s #LoveArmy,” said Jeremy Hays, chief engagement officer for DreamCorps.

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