The Original Pop: Art or Exercise?

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Or, the art of exercise circa 1960.

A few months ago, I ran a Daily Heller on per inquiry adverts, which included the famous muscle-building ads by Charles Atlas. Today’s Daily Heller specimens are a shade more down and dirty, from an Atlas acolyte—”the Greatest Name in Bodybuilding”—Ben Rubhuhn at the American Bodybuilding Club (ABC) of Great Neck, N.Y.

The booklet below and its collateral material are a wonderful example of pulp typography, ham-fisted airbrushing and untutored layout. All together a beautiful cacophony of wretched design and stunning communication.

You He man
Cain weight plan
American Bodybuilding Club
King sons employees
senior citizen
It's great fun converting Flabby fat into heroic muscle!
You I put 6 inches of hard hitting muscle on each arm
7 foot fingers reproduced for posters in Estevan Mercury's printing plant
Old article

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