The Power of Baths

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If you’re ever planning an overnight in Boston, be sure to check out the Boston Public Garden in the Commons and its famous swan boats. If time allows, check into the Taj Hotel (just minutes from the duck pond) and avail yourself of its special Bath Menu. Specifically, the “Make Way for Ducklings” drawn bath serves “as an antidote to jetlag for long distance travelers, a reward at the end of a successful day.” If the ducklings in Boston Public Garden could have this bath, the menu says, “they would never leave for the winter.” It continues, “This delightfully cozy bubble bath is joined by a playful rubber duck, a mug of hot chocolate or chocolate milk, and freshly baked cookies. Whatever your age, this bath will bring out the child in you. Thirty-five dollars.” A bath butler will draw the bath for you fifteen minutes before the desired time. You can’t make this stuff up. Just try not to get crumbs in the water, okay?