The Second Coming

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Easter was just yesterday, yet the second coming for magazines is still on the way. The new savior, you may surmise, is the iPad or iPadius (in Latin). Spreading the iPad gospel are the media pundits (puditus mediasus) including David Pogue and Edward C. Baig. They don’t just love it, as Woody Allen once said, they “lurve” it for all sorts of reasons. But the most significant concern for the design field, and specifically the editorial design field, is the magazine Resurrection.

The iPad is being touted as the holy grail, the lost scroll, the new transfigured host of mag content. Read what the preachers at Fast Company have to say here. And here’s something akin to Rapture reported on WNYC: “The iPad offers a way for magazines to preserve the integrity of thereading experience. You can put the device in your bag, and read yourfavorite magazine any way, any where.” Media Bistro noted back in January that “Condé Nast plans to have some magazines tablet-ready when the iPad ships; at least a version of the GQ iPhone app, but at best full iPad versions of multiple magazines. Vanity Fair and Wired are likely to be among the publisher’s titles that will iPad-icized first.”

The iPad is also gunning for the false prophets, like Amazon’s Kindle. So let the holy wars begin.