The Sexiest Hands in America

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Bernard Maisner

Bernard Maisner, calligrapher par excellence, discusses his craft and the art of the handmade letter form in a video segment of The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited. The series, sponsored by Louis Vutton and Moet Hennessy in collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, brings together a letterpress printer, bookbinder, papermaker, framer and more, examining their respective passions and the influence on contemporary artisans. Maisner, who says he was born with a pen in his hand, shows his incredible skill with his digits and the way digital technology is used in his art. See all the enlightening and insightful portrait films here or go here for a more poetic version of Maisner’s technique. Oh, I forgot: Maisner notes that he was the hands of Johnny Depp, voted the sexiest man in America. Ergo, Maisner had the sexiest hands in America. Cool. Let’s give him a hand.

Hands holding newspaper cuts
Deat worte on paper
Splash of ink on paper