The Social Design Job Market

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Designers are looking for ways in which to incorporate meaningful social impact work into their practices. Colleges are responding to student demand that social issues be taught in the design curriculum and recent graduates are attempting to find jobs that balance social change with earning a living.

SVA’s Impact / Design for Social Change (the six week Summer workshop July 9 – Aug 16 2012) presents “Commitment Required: The Social Design Job Market.” an evening devoted to exploring the employment opportunities. From social innovation and entrepreneurship to in-house and client based service design, a panel (below) will identify areas in which designers have had success and how designers can create opportunities for themselves to expand into this area of work.

Thursday, March 1 2012, 7 pm – 9 pm, School of Visual Arts Amphitheater, 209 East 23rd St. Room 311, New York City.

Register here now as space is limited.

ModeratorMark Randall, Chair, Impact! Design for Social Change and Principal, Worldstudio


Entrepreneurship and social enterprise:Lara Galinsky – Senior Vice President, Echoing Green Social

Civic design:David Gibson – Founder, 212 AssociatesNon-profits and NGOs:

Martin Kace – Founder, Empax

Corporate Social Responsibility:Jason Rzepka – VP Public Affairs, MTV