The Very First Principle of Typography

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Stanley Morison, designer and historian of printing, design of the Times New Roman typeface (1931) and other historical revivals wrote First Principles of Typography in 1929. I recently found a 1967 version published by Cambridge University Press, in which Morison writes “. . . while the principles here set forth apply to the typography of books, the sections dealing with composition may be adapted to the design of newspapers and publicity.”

These principles sound vintage to digital ears, but they also are as true today as they were before the digital revolution. What’s more, I love this first paragraph:

First Principles of Typography
First Principles of Typography

Designer Resource: Shadow TypeFor even more vintage find by Steven Heller, pick up a copy of Shadow Type: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering, co-authored with Louise Fili. This beautiful book includes more than 300 historical examples of typography that will inspire you and delight your eyes.

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