The Wedding of the First Decade of the 21st Century

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Much ado about nothing? I promised myself I’d avoid covering the Royal Wedding, but there is a graphic design element. And it is my duty to Queen and Country (and popular culture) to present the following.

British map maker and illustrator Katherine Baxter has created various maps of the event. I asked her how these came about, and whether the Royals get one for free. Here is Katherine’s response.

I was approached by the BBC and the ITV, the two major media outlets here, they have publications coming out as souvenir issues, so I did two maps, two different projections, then i was approached by a big supermarket chain over here called Waitrose, they wanted to have a map for their souvenir issue!….then the big Celebrity magazine OK wanted a map for their souvenir issue, I was inundated, and didn’t turn way away, so lots of variations on the theme.

It’s not the Official map, I wish I had done it, then I wouldn’t have had such a workload!!!

This royal Wedding they are saving money….. I have decided to send the Prince of Wales a framed map, because Clarence House have apparently shown approval of the maps.

The Royal Wedding is special because Prince William is one of the Heir’s to the throne, the first being his father, so an event like this doesn’t come around very often.

I haven’t even got a press pass, they are closely guarded, so I won’t be meeting them, but I have met Prince Charles many times, because his Youth Business Trust helped me establish myself many years ago, so in a way the whole thing has come full circle.