These Are A Few of My Favorite Spoons

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The most enjoyable part of any Roman day is standing on line for the Italian’s most squisito ancient sweet treat known as gelato (ice cream containing little or no air, so it is soft but not soupy). A cup packed with two or three scoops of flavorful gelato or of such creamy sorbetto that you’d swear it was made with dairy, is the creme de la creme (sorry for mixing languages) of desert experiences (although I find gelato is good before a meal too).

The ancillary pleasure are the signature plastic spoons found in any gelateria. Unlike those tongue depressors, the flat wooden contoured shaped spoons from Good Humor, these individually wrapped mini-shovels add to gelato experience in indescribable ways. So, rather than attempt to describe or count the ways (now hum along), these are a few of my favorite spoons . . .

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