Theses For A New Common

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Triumph of the Commons is a collaborative book from fifty-five artists. It resurrects a disparaged, yet newly valuable, cultural narrative. Presented as fifty-five theses, this narrative challenges notions of prosperity: What it means and how to achieve it. Readers will find that each thesis offers practical implications for a range of concerns emerging in the 21st century.

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Artists are: Nikolay Saveliev, Michael Schwab, Jan Wilker, Ed Fella, Serifcan Ozcan, Erik Yang, Michael Rock, Jason Musante, Thomas Porostocky, Thomas Wilder, Jakob Trollback, Amy Wang, Allen Hori, Dora and Maja Christina Nizar, Tim Goodman, Karin Soukup, Jiyun Ha, Milan Zrnic, Matteo Bologna, Isidro Ferrer, Nick Law,Sumayya Alsenan, Rebeca Mendez, Simon Johnston, Brian Roettinger, Josh Smith, Bryan Collins, Kevin Brainard/Darren Cox, Woody Pirtle, John Bielenberg, Matt Luckhurst, Jeff Rogers, Brad Bartlett, Gail Anderson, Steve Haslip, Dana Tanamachi, Ji Lee, Eric Hu, Seth Mroczka, LaurieRosenwald, James Victore, Erin Wahed, Noreen Morioka, Jennifer Kinon, Rick/Jess Boyko, Sean Adams, Jessica Hische, Nick Ace, David Ricart, Seymour Chwast, Bobby Martin, Nancy Vonk, Gustavo Cordova