Thirty Days Minus One

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If I were more diligent I would have posted this yesterday. I knew there was a reason I kept bumping into Gary Panter. Last night, Panter and Josh White opened the ThirtyDaysNY festival with their illuminating, luminescent light show. ThirtyDays is a creative project that follows the release of the latest collaboration from Absolut Vodka, Spike Jonze’s short film, “I’m Here” and includes many artists involved in the creation of the film. “Thirty Days is a confluence between the retail and digital space allowing users to experience the creative process first-hand in both a physical and digital form,” say its organizers.

ThirtyDays is housed in a Tribeca storefront (70 Franklin Street) and on the web. Inside is a bookstore, artists in conversation, live bands and performances, an art exhibition, and audience-interactive art projects taking place over 30 days (minus one as of today) from April 8 to May 7. All events are free and open to the public, daily at 7pm.

Besides Panter (Pee Wee’s Playhouse interior decorator) and White (who invented the psychedelic light show at the Filmore West for Jimi Hendrix, et al), featured artist performers include Geoff McFetridge, Brian Roettinger, Ed Templeton, Sergio Aragones (of MAD mag fame), Meryl Smith (at bottom), Autumn de Wilde, and the master film title designer, Pablo Ferro. (What better reason to make a trip to sunny NYC?)