Trick or Treat? Treat!

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Happy Halloween. Let me show you the treat I got today. No tricks. Just treat, if you have a hankering for this kind of confection. It is the clip-binder/log that a design/ad agency (I’m not sure which) maintained throughout the late 50s and early 60s of ads produced for newspapers and mailers. Included are newsprint proofs, samples and photostats, glued onto the loose-leaf pages (that brown smeared stuff is glue – remember glue?).

The clients are Corner House from 1966, rendered in a Victorian pastiche; William Hayett Displays, also faux Victorian – the business card fits into the hand and file drawer (c. 1966); Alexandra de Markoff cosmetics from 1959; and the piece de resistance for teenage boys, Bali Bra (c. 1964). All well preserved and removed from the crypt for this Halloween.

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