True Blood: Designers as Vampires

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a fiction that mashes together the “great emancipator” and a supernatural savior, is the latest entry in the current vampire craze. The novel by Seth Grahame-Smith and movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov is in the latter’s words, a “cross between D. W. Griffith’s ‘Abraham Lincoln’ and F. W. Murnau’s ‘Nosferatu.’”

Reading that in the Times got me thinking (a dangerous thing, I’m told). Because vampires are so popular these days, maybe we should cast an eye on designer vampires or vampires who are designers during the day and blood-suckers at night. Just as Grahame-Smith conceived the successful Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a parody of Jane Austen, maybe someone should consider building serial stories around a pack of hemogloblin-lovin’ design-goblins, who use gothic blackletter for every job, print with human blood and design ghoulish websites.

If designers want to stay on the cultural edge, vampirism may be the logical next thing after orthodox retro-modernism. The Modernists may have done away with blackletter as a text face but replaced it with Akzidenz Grotesque and a blood-red and black color palette — that’s vampirism.

In this twilight of print, Vampire Modern is a style that could alter the course of design history. And one thing is for certain, clients would show more respect for (or fear of) designers if they knew that at any moment (after dark) they could turn into bats (or go batty at any time). Such is the power of the undead designer, is it not?

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